Services we offer


Web Application

We provide the services of professional programmers and designers. Assembling web pages, software functionality, utilize modern standards of design. Mobile application and development, customer-oriented.


Event Planning

We provide flawless planning and operational management of large-scale Exhibitions, Business, Government and cultural events supported by an outstanding team, starting from exhibitor guidelines, creating of event branding, allocating stand spaces, showcasing the products and to meetings with direct industry partners.



We create a Brand. You build your Business.

Is Brand creation just making a logo? No, it’s far more expansive. Brand creation is coming up with your entire visual identity, from our creative minds to your real world application. Corporate identity is the visual manifestation of your business. It concerns the design of the logo and how we use it in all kinds of online and offline materials or in branding of a trully successful event.



Media Services

We offer media placement and advertising on our own established SM platforms on popular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo social media resources. 

We can manage, optimize, and grow every aspect of your social media presence, so you can focus on running your business. You gain followers through organic growth. Partners get more engaged. Fans become even more loyal.

Depending on the client requirements, we identify the target audience and develop key messaging to relevant target audiences and identify the correct digital media platforms that reach the desired audiences efficiently, whilst measuring costs and effectiveness.

Our strategies are based on observable metrics so we can quickly answer the needs of your potential customers by delivering the content, information, and interaction they want.